Gone for Good is a medication disposal awareness and educational program that focuses on identifying opportunities to reduce our environmental impact while partnering with community associates to promote safe medication disposal.

Why is safe medication disposal so important?

Environmental goals & impact

  • For over three decades medications have been showing up in water ways and continue to impact our natural environments. This initiative reduces environmental impacts of medications that are flushed down a toilet or thrown in the garbage.

Safety goals & impact

  • We focus on providing information and locations to properly dispose of medications so they do not end up in the wrong hands or taken by the wrong individual.

Education goals & impact

  • What is an opioid or controlled substance? This program aims to educate about medications and related safety concerns.

How can you help?

Review what you have in your medicine cabinet to make sure it is not expired or no longer needed. From there you can decide what is unnecessary or unsafe to keep in your home. Please use the links below to find the nearest secure medication drop location for you.

Find a medication disposal location near you

Wisconsin: Safe Communities

Nationally: Dispose My Meds

Please call WellFirst Health Promotion at 833-934-0987 for more information.