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Notables, our magazine for WellFirst Health members, features articles about living an active, healthy life along with benefit updates, wellness offerings and more. The magazine is mailed quarterly to members.

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Spring 2021 Notables

  • Be successful while working at home
  • Answers to COVID-19 vaccine questions
  • Building a strong asthma action plan
Mom carrying son piggyback outside on beautiful fall day

Fall 2021 Notables

Coming soon!
family playing baseball

Spring 2020 Notables

  • COVID-19 pandemic: supporting your mental health
  • Heart-healthy life: how to eat, sleep and think
  • America's opiod epidemic
young mother with son looking at phone while sitting on leaves

Fall 2020 Notables

  • It's time to prioritize your mental and physical health
  • The many sides of postpartum depression
  • The importance of cancer screening