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The Marketplace (also known as the Exchange) is a website ( where individuals can compare and purchase health insurance plans. Marketplace plans are great for individuals and families who are eligible for discounts or financial subsidies. These discounts can include:

Tax credits - Tax credits lower the monthly premium you pay for health coverage and are more available than ever due to the 2021 American Rescue Plan act. Depending on your household income level, these credits can pay for a considerable amount of your premium. You can use your tax credit on most Marketplace plans.

Cost sharing reductions

  • Lower the amount you pay on health care services.
  • Cost-sharing reduction plans are available for those who make about $31k or less for a single person.
  • Cost-sharing reduction is only available on silver plans.
  • There are three levels of cost sharing reduction based on income brackets:
    • 100–150 percent of FPL
    • 151–200 percent of FPL
    • 201–250 percent of FPL


2023 plan year Federal Poverty Level guidelines

 Percentage of Federal Poverty Level
Size of Household100%250%400%
1 Person$13,590$33,975$54,360
2 People$18,310$45,775$73,240
3 People$23,030$57,575$92,120
4 People$27,750$69,375$111,000
Coverage InformationMay qualify for
cost-sharing reductions
and advanced
premium tax credits
May qualify for
cost-sharing reductions
and advanced
premium tax credits
May qualify for advanced
premium tax credits


WellFirst Health offers a variety of options for silver plans that are eligible for cost-sharing reduction plans.

Marketplace calculator – see if you qualify for financial help.

This calculator displays information for 2023 plans.